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Bristol Palin's Husband Shows Baby Next To Gun (Photos)

Former reality TV star Bristol Palin's new husband, Dakota Meyer, recently posted an Instagram photo of himself posing with a gun holster, as an apparent commercial endorsement.

Also in the picture is the couple's infant daughter, Sailor Grace, who is lying nearby on a kitchen table, with a gun on the same table and pointed directly at her.

At least one person found the picture amusing, commenting that “it matches the baby carriage,” referring to the holster and the baby car seat in which Sailor is sitting.

Of course, it’s no surprise that the son-in-law of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is a gun enthusiast. As Meyer wrote in his Instagram post, “Carrying has always been important to me for my own safety but now it is imperative because now I have someone [relying] on me. Every day, everywhere I go, every time I carry and [I] am [honored] to be using the Blood Stripe holster from @gcodeholsters.”

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The company he is referring to is G-Code Holsters and Accessories, which is “setting the standard for innovative tactical carry systems,” according to the official website.

As most people know, the Palins are from Alaska, which allows anyone who is 21 or older to carry firearms freely. Alaska had the highest number of gun deaths per capita in 2013, notes the Daily Mail. But whether or not there is a correlation between the state’s gun laws and the high gun death rate remains unknown.

While her husband has been posing with his holster, Bristol has been designing T-shirts for LifeHouse Maternity Home in Louisville, Kentucky, featuring the slogan “Pro Life, Pro God, Pro Guns.”

The happy newlyweds obviously have a lot in common.

Sources: Daily Mail, Tactical Holsters / Photo credit: Dakota Meyer/Instagram 

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