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Cheating Bride's Wedding Canceled (Photos)

When Emma Ayala planned her bachelorette party night, she was expecting to celebrate her last day of being single.

Little did she realize it would actually be her last day as a would-be bride.

The woman canceled her wedding after she was filmed making out with a man at a pool party in Mexico's Playa del Carmen resort during her celebration, Mirror reports.

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Pablo Torres Gandara, Ayala's fiance, only learned of the infidelity after the video went viral. It is reported Ayala's family also saw the footage.

The footage shows the reportedly inebriated bride donning a white bathing suit while a man she had just met passionately kisses her while people cheer.

It quickly spread on social media under the hashtag #LadyCoralina, a reference to the Coralina Bar, before Ayala canceled the wedding.

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"Lady Coralina is the reason why most of my friends are men," one Twitter user wrote. "Female friends are so traitorous."

"That’s the ‘gay friend’ our female partners talk about when they go out with their girls," another individual said.

Others, however, thought the incident was overblown.

"Great minds talk about ideas, small minds talk about #ladycoralina".-Eleanor Roosevelt ft. Joaquin Capellico," wrote one man.

According to Reddit, many people -- both male and female -- have been cheated on in a similar way.

"My ex-husband cheated on me at his bachelor party the night before our (moderately expensive) wedding," wrote one user. "I didn't know it at the time, but he called me after, completely drunk on tequila, saying he wasn't sure he wanted to get married, realized he wanted to have more fun and freedom, etc. etc…"

Another man recalled the time an ex wanted to have a fling with him during her bachelorette party.

"She's been happily married since (according to fb)," he said. "I'm kind of terrified to get married. The weird thing is that I don't really hang out with a bad crowd or anything. My buddy is a big name head chef and my ex did a lot of humanitarian and charity work, basically dedicated her life to helping the poor."

Sources: Mirror #LadyCoralina via Twitterask reddit / Photo credit: Jeff Belmonte/Flickr, CEN via Mirror

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