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Brawl Between Detroit-Area High School Football Teams Breaks Out On Field (Video)

A fight broke out on a football field between players from Detroit King High and Cody High School on Oct. 16 in the Detroit-area (video below).

The incident caused the Public School League (PSL) to rule a forfeit for Detroit High in a future game to Cass Tech, Click on Detroit reports.

Cody football coach Calvin Norman told the news station that his players were trying to give the Detroit King players congratulatory pats-on-the-back and handshakes, but some of the Detroit King players responded with violence.

However, Detroit King coach Dale Harvel told The Detroit News:

I don’t know what else we could have done to prevent things from happening other than run straight to the bus after the game. We were doing everything we could to make sure all kids were safe. [Alvin Ward, executive director of athletics for the PSL,] said Cody was the instigator and still we’re the ones given the death penalty. Cody’s 2-6 and they have nothing to lose. We’re getting pushed and punched. What, we’re not supposed to protect ourselves?

"There is nothing to appeal in this case," Ward told the newspaper. “I rendered the decision based on what we saw happen. King is suspended, and it’s going to be a forfeit win to Cass."

However, after parents and students spoke out against the punishment at a school board meeting on Oct. 19, the Detroit Public Schools emergency manager Detroit King will be allowed to play in the PSL championship on Oct. 20, according to Click on Detroit.

Sources: Click On DetroitThe Detroit News / Photo Credit: Click On Detroit


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