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Viral Video Shows Two Women Brawling In Parking Lot (Video)

A video (below) that captured a violent fight between two women arguing over a fender bender is spreading around the internet like wildfire after one of the women was arrested for felony assault.

The brawl broke out in a Stockton, California, parking lot, after the pair got into a minor car accident, reports KTXL.

The video shows a portion of the altercation, in which 25-year-old Vanessa Ortiz, who is wearing a black sweatshirt, punches a woman in a green shirt after the pair grapple while standing. Ortiz then grabs the woman by her hair and slams her on the ground, causing one of the arms of the woman in green to bend the wrong way.

The identity of the second woman has not been publicly released, but police said that she is 67 years old -- more than 40 years older than Ortiz. After the altercation, footage shows witnesses tending to the older woman, who has a large bump on her forehead.

"She's not your average old lady, she's like a spicy old lady," Ortiz told KTXL from jail, as she awaits a hearing on her felony battery charge. "As you can see I have scratches on my face, she snatched my glasses off."

Police reportedly treated the 67-year-old as a victim, but one witness said that there was a lot more to the story than what the viral clip shows.

"The old lady was instigating cause the lady was like, 'I already exchanged info with you, what more do you want?' and the old lady started getting all in her face and got aggressive with her," witness Bernardo Gonzalez explained.

Ortiz is not eligible for bail, since she had an arrest warrant out for failing to appear on a charge of loitering with intent of prostitution, a misdemeanor.

"I don't have any violent crimes on my record," she explained. "Like I said, I have prostitution, but no one's denying nothing."

Ortiz said that she was trying to turn her life around when this happened.

"I pushed her," said Ortiz. "And it was an accident. And my apologies to her and her family, whatever."

In California, a felony battery charge can land the defendant in prison for up to four years, according to Shouse California Law Group. Assaulting an elder -- somebody over the age of 65 -- can add an additional charge as well as a $6,000 fine, and it also carries a maximum sentence of four years in state prison if charged as a felony.

Sources: KTXL, Shouse California Law Group / Photo credit: Oregon Department of Transportation/Flickr

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