Chili's Pays For Family's Meal After Field Trip Mixup

A Florida mom was shocked by the generosity of Chili’s employees when a manager offered to pay for her autistic son’s meal.

Reyna Walters had prepared all day to take her son to Chili’s for a class field trip on March 7, Mad World News reports. The point of the trip was to teach students financial independence by allowing them to pay for their own meals.

However, Walters soon realized she had taken her son, Hunter, to the wrong restaurant location.

When Walters decided that they couldn’t make it to the correct location in time to meet Hunter’s class, she simply elected to eat their meal at the wrong Chili’s location. After explaining the mistake to her server, however, something unexpected happened.

“About ½ way through our meal the manager came up to us and said that Ashley (our server) had told him what happened and that he would be taking care of our bill today,” Walters wrote on Facebook on March 7.

Ashley noted that even though they wouldn’t be getting a bill, she could lend them cash so Hunter could experience paying for his own meal.  

Walters was stunned by the entire experience, especially after the manager provided Hunter with an envelope of coupons so he could pay for his meals in the future.

“I wanted to share this story in light of March being developmental disabilities month and one month shy of autism awareness month!” Walters wrote. “Thank you, Chilis for your truly kind and thoughtful staff in Odessa, FL.”

The post garnered over 12,000 likes and 2,600 shares in just four days.

Sources: Reyna Walters/FacebookMad World News / Photo Credit: Reyna Walters/Facebook

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