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Boyfriend Threatens Girlfriend's Co-Worker For Trying To Steal Her, Doesn't Realize One Important Thing (Photos)

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A jealous boyfriend texted his girlfriend’s co-worker telling him to stay away, despite the fact that the co-worker is gay and in a relationship.

“Stay away from my gf,” the boyfriend wrote. “She don’t [sic] like u and u annoy her.”

“Who is this?” the co-worker responded. “And who is your girlfriend?”

The boyfriend said that his girlfriend was Monica, who the co-worker explained was just somebody he messaged every few weeks to ask if she can cover his shift. 

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The boyfriend then accused the co-worker of wanting to have sex with Monica, and told him to back off.

“Firstly,” the co-worker replied, “you’re an over controlling idiot if you criticize every guy she ever talks to and secondly…how do I put this…I have a boyfriend. As in…a relationship…with a guy.”

“Yeah of course you do,” Monica’s boyfriend replied sarcastically, accusing him of just trying to cover for himself.

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The co-worker then sent a picture of him and his boyfriend kissing as further proof that he wasn’t trying to steal Monica. “We are in a gay relationship. We go on gay dates and we gay kiss each other,” the co-worker said.

“We sometimes lay in bed and gay cuddle together. Are you getting the hint yet?”

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Monica’s boyfriend finally understood, but criticized the co-worker for being “all up” in his face with his sexuality. 

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The amusing text conversation comes after apparent photographs of a woman texting her lover while sitting next to her husband at an Atlanta, Georgia, baseball game went viral.

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