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Unsuspecting Woman Gets Creepy Valentine's Gift (Video)

Life is like a box of roaches, as seen in this startling prank from Brazil (video below).

The scene takes place inside of a car, with the man in the front seat handing a heart-shaped chocolate box to the woman in the back seat.

Before she opens the box, he exits the car and locks all the doors. As she opens the lid of the box, she discovers that it is filled not with chocolates, but rather with swarming cockroaches.

Startled, the woman flings the box into the air, causing the roaches to go all over the car. She tries with futility to escape the locked car, as roaches are seen crawling on her body.

She proves to be a good sport however, and can be seen near the end of the video laughing at the cruel joke that has been played on her.

The sadistic incident has more in common with the origins of Valentine’s Day than with the modern romantic version.

The history of the holiday is murky, but it is believed to have originated in Italy with the feast of Lupercalia, which was celebrated from Feb. 13 to 15, observes NPR.

The ritual consisted of men sacrificing a goat and a dog, then using the animals’ hides to whip women, who would willingly line up to be hit, believing it would make them fertile, explains University of Colorado historian Noel Lenski.

A matchmaking lottery was also part of the routine, with men drawing the names of women from a jar, and then hooking up with them for the remainder of the festival.

The name “Valentine’s Day” goes back to the 3rd century A.D., during which two men, both named Valentine, were executed by the Roman Emperor Claudius II on Feb. 14 of different years. The Catholic Church subsequently honored their deaths with the creation of St. Valentine's Day.

Sources: AWM, YouTube, NPR / Photo Credit: YouTube

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