Man Recorded Walking Woman Around On Leash (Video)


A video has surfaced online showing a man walking a muzzle-wearing woman through the grocery store on a leash (video below).

The footage was shot on a cell phone by a fellow shopper who was following the couple around the store. The woman on the leash is wearing a white dress and high-heeled shoes, while the man is wearing a backward baseball cap and what appears to be a basketball jersey.

It is unclear exactly where or when the video was shot. It is also unclear whether the woman consented to wearing the leash.

The woman behind the camera laughs in disbelief as she records the incident.

"It's gotta be a prank," she says.

At one point she gets so close that the man turns around and looks at her.

"You know you're gonna get [video-taped] in the store," she tells the couple.

She then steps in ahead of the couple and begins recording them from another angle, revealing a black muzzle that covers the lower half of the woman's face. The leash appears to be attached to the muzzle.

The man and the woman continue wandering around the store as if nothing is amiss. Neither of them says a word.

"That is so humiliating," the woman holding the camera says.

This isn't the first time a man has been photographed leading a woman around on a leash in public.

In 2015, shoppers at a mall in Staten Island were shocked to see a pink-haired woman kneeling down at the feet of her male companion, as if to impersonate a dog. She was wearing a leash attached to a spiked collar.

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According to mall staff, the couple is there regularly as customers.

"They're here all the time," a Zumiez employee told the New York Daily News. "They're normal people."

A Hot Topic worker said that while she had seen the woman a number of times before, the leash was a new accessory.

"This is the only time I've seen the girl with a leash on like that," she said. "She shops here about once a month. She's a nice customer."

Speaking to the New York Daily News, the couple explained that the leash and collar represent the strength of their relationship.

"The leash and collar are symbols of our bond to one another," 30-year-old Nathan Riely said. "The collar is like a ring for most couples. They use rings, we have a collar."

The woman, who identified herself as "Xena, Nathan's puppy," said it is her choice to be treated like a dog.

"This is the lifestyle I chose to do," she said. "The first time I put on a collar I thought, 'Now I need to find someone for the other end.' As long as I'm with my fiancee master I could not be any happier."

Sources: YouTube, New York Daily News (2) / Photo credit: Clarence Risher via Wikimedia Commons, Ariel Chambers via New York Daily News

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