Boy Gets Surprise After Dad 'Forgot' Birthday (Video)


A Little League player in Philadelphia who thought that his father forgot his birthday ended up with a surprise, in a video (below) that's going viral online.

Braheim Fowler, 12, thought that his father, Devon Fowler, had forgotten about his birthday. In a video that's received thousands of retweets on Twitter, Braheim is seen getting into the car with his dad to go to a baseball game, KFOR reported. Once in the car, Braheim receives a surprise gift from his dad that makes him realize he had never forgotten at all.

Devon is heard in the video talking to Braheim, who plays on the local Taney Dragons Little League team, about his son's baseball game. "We got a big game today," he says. Later, he asks if Braheim is mad at him, still pretending he doesn't remember his son's birthday.

Braheim refuses to speak or look at his father, clearly upset.

"You still mad at me?" Devon asks Braheim. "For what? You alright?"

Devon then tells Braheim to open up the trunk to get a bag. When Braheim sees what's inside, he realizes his father remembered his birthday after all. Inside the trunk is a shipping box containing a new baseball bat for Braheim. As the video ends, both father and son are overcome with emotion.

"Don't cry! You're about to make me cry!" Devon can be heard saying to his son.

The two tell each other "I love you," and Braheim shows his batting stance with his new neon green bat before heading off to his game, reports the New York Daily News.

Since it was posted on July 23, the video has received a hugely positive response on Twitter, with almost 15,000 retweets and more than 22,000 likes. "That's fatherhood right there," said Twitter user Drew Shirley. "You live for those moments. Perfect."

"I'm crying rn too," said one commenter. "Pass the d--- tissues pls thanks."

"I told him I had nothing for him," Devon told WCAU about the video. "He had an attitude all day."

"[His reaction] definitely surprised me," Devon said, adding that the reaction on social media also surprised him. "I was expecting him to be happy but I didn't expect him to get so emotional."

Devon is currently unemployed, and he gave parents advice for dealing with birthday presents and other expenses when dealing with tough times financially.

"Just keep trying to make your kid happy," Fowler said. "If you got love for your kids they won't care about what you get them."

Source: KFOR, New York Daily News, DubOnDaBeatz/Twitter, WCAU / Photo credit: Twitter via New York Daily News

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