Boy Scout Discovers Lost Money, Returns It To Owner


Quincy Stevenson, 11, brought a comic book to school and found a bank envelope that contained $160 in its pages. When he came home, he told his family about the money and Quincy’s father, Michael Stevenson, was able to identify who the money belonged to — his good friend Cory.

Cory had stashed the money away 22 years ago when he was saving up to buy a car. He noticed he was short more than $100 when he eventually purchased the vehicle, but now he knows where the money was.

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As it turns out, the find couldn’t have been more timely. Cory and his wife were recently involved in a serious car accident and need the money to pay their bills.

“It makes me feel happy and sad, sad that I couldn’t keep it and happy that it helps him with his bills and stuff that he has,” Quincy, a newly initiated Boy Scout from Raytown, Missouri, told WDAF-TV.

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Michael was happy his son was forthcoming about the money. “Yeah I am extremely proud, I mean this is the way I'm trying to raise my family,” Michael said.

The Stevenson family took the envelope to a bank for safekeeping, where the bills, which had a pre-1996 design, were exchanged for newer ones. 

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Sources: WDAF-TV, My Fox Detroit

Image via WDAF-TV


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