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Boy Knocks Girl Off Bicycle For Rejecting Advances (Video)


Video of a boy knocking a girl off of her bike with a basketball for rejecting his flirtatious advances went viral (video below).

In the clip, the boy is playing with a basketball before spotting girls riding down the street on bikes. 

“Hey, ladies,” the boy says.

“F--- you,” one of the girls responds.

The boy then takes the basketball he was playing with and throws it at the girl as she rides by, causing her to crash the bike and go flying onto the street.

“I’m gonna beat your a--!” one of the other girls says as the injured girl cries out in pain. “Are you f------ kidding me? Really?”

The clip quickly went viral, prompting mixed reactions from viewers across the Internet. Some criticized the girl for responding the way she did to the boy’s advances.

“No reason to say 'f--- you,” one viewer wrote on YouTube. “Maybe now they will say hello or just ignore him."

Others took aim at the boy for reacting the way he did and injuring the girl.

“I lost my right eyebrow, received a concussion, and had some pretty gnarly scars on my hands because of something very similar to this,” one viewer wrote. “That dudes a little s---.”

What do you think of the shocking clip?

Sources: Daily Mail, NY Daily News / Photo credit: Screenshot via Daily Mail


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