Watch: Boy Has Violent Meltdown, Hits Pregnant Woman (Video)


A young boy was caught on video having a physically and verbally violent meltdown.

In the video, posted below, the boy can be seen screaming and yelling at the young woman next to him, who was filming the entire incident.

“Shut the f**k up!” the boy exclaims in a high-pitched shriek as he swings his arms around and hits the woman filming. 

“That’s some major bulls**t,” the boy’s mother, who was in the front passenger’s seat, says.

“You didn’t see what she f**king did anyway, you piece of s**t,” the boy yells in response.

“What’d I do?” the woman filming asks. “Can you take me to the police station? Because now I have evidence that he assaulted me.”

The boy’s mother begins shaming the young woman for the apparent incident, which allegedly occurred in Walmart.

“You’re just trying to make up for this one, because I’ve got your son on tape hitting me,” the young woman replies. “I’m pregnant and he’s hitting me.”

“I can’t even be in a damn Walmart without y’all assaulting each other,” the mother replies.

While the specifics of the argument are unclear, the responses from viewers on Reddit were mixed.

“When I was a kid, I had temper tantrums like this, I was a terrible kid. However I was much younger than him. I would say there's hope for him, but a big thing that made me stop acting like a twat was my parents not being enablers, which his obviously is,” Redditor ToxicDuck867 wrote. 

“The parents are so enabling of his behavior that it's amazing he even stopped. He's very clearly the golden child of the family and I feel bad for the girl recording since she obviously has become the heel of the family,” Pyrepenol added. 

Watch the intense interaction below.

Sources: Reddit, YouTube

Photo Credit: youtube.com


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