Trick-Or-Treater Finds Empty Bowl, Leaves His Own Candy (Video)

Trick-Or-Treater Finds Empty Bowl, Leaves His Own Candy (Video) Promo Image

An unknown California boy is warming hearts after he was caught on camera leaving behind some of his own Halloween candy in an empty bowl, instead of simply walking away (video below). 

The security camera video was shared by Kim Manalo, a mother from Chula Vista, California. 

When Manalo and her family came back from trick-or-treating on Halloween, they saw that the bowl of candy they had left on their porch was empty.

"I wasn't too surprised but I was hoping it wasn't one kid or an adult," Manalo told KSWB. 

While checking the recordings from her security cameras, Manalo saw a group of four boys walk up to her house and discover the empty bowl. 

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The 16-second video posted by Manalo shows one of the boys lifting up the bowl and showing the others it is empty before walking away. 

While the rest of the group walks back to the street, one boy hangs back for a moment to grab a handful of candy out of his bag and drop it in the empty bowl.

The boy then walks away to rejoin his group.

Hoping to identify the boy, Manalo posted the video to a Facebook group for Chula Vista moms and later to a Facebook page called Love What Matters. The page has more than 7 million followers.

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"Huge kudos and thanks are in order for this young man and his parents!" Manalo wrote on Facebook. "He showed a simple gesture, but it really touched our hearts and we were able to teach our own children about selflessness...If this is your kid, you should be very proud!"

In less than a day, the video has been seen more than 225,000 times and shared more than 2,000 times. 

Commenters shared Manalo's praise for the anonymous boy. 

"It's refreshing seeing a young person thinking about how disappointed the other kids coming later would be. He will be a generous and giving husband and father when he is an adult. Great job to his parents," wrote one commenter. 

"Mystery Halloween kid is more grown-up than a lot of adults I've known," wrote another. 

Manalo told KSWB that she thinks the video restored a lot of people's faith in others. 

"I think that's why people were so happy to see it because there is still good in the world," she said. "It's just sad that we have to find it in children."

The generous boy remains anonymous as of Nov. 3.

Sources: KSWB, Love What Matters/Facebook / Featured Image: KOMUnews/Flickr / Embedded Images: Aaron Hawkins/Flickr, Connie/Flickr

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