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Boy Calls 911, Says His Dad Ran Red Light (Video)

Six-year-old Robbie Richardson called 911 in Quincy, Massachusetts, to turn his father in for running a red light on May 28 (video below).

Robbie, who wants to be a police officer someday, made the call after his dad, Michael Richardson, made a right turn on a red light while they were running errands.

"The rule on the road, you don't go past red lights," Robbie told the tabloid TV show "Inside Edition."

"It was a red light, but it was one you could turn on red," Michael countered. "So I had stopped and turned, and Robbie says, 'dad you went through a red light.'"

Michael continued to attempt to prove his innocence to his son.

'"I said, 'you can go through that as long as you stop,'" Michael said. "He says, 'Oh no that was red, you're supposed to stop.' And then he tells me, 'I'm going to call the police.'"

Michael thought his son was joking.

"I called the police," Robbie told The Boston Globe. "I know how to call the police. Easy peasy."

When they got home, Michael went to start the family grill for a barbecue, and Robbie called 911.

"Daddy went past a red light," Robbie said, according to the recording of the 911 call. "He was in a brand-new car, my mommy’s car."

Later in the call, Robbie said, "Then he went past the red light."

The 911 operator wanted to talk to Robbie's dad who recalled: "He has the cordless phone in his hand and he says, 'Dad, somebody called, they want to talk to you.' And I look at the number on there and I saw 911, and I kind of sank a little bit."

“He’s a smart kid," Michael added. "When he says he’s going to do something, he does it. He doesn’t bluff.”

Michael apologized to the 911 operator for his son's non-emergency call, which in some states is a crime.

"We talked to him, and told him you can only call in an emergency," Joleen, the boy's mother, stated. "But I didn’t think he was going to call like that."

Robbie says he learned his lesson about calling 911 when it's not an emergency.

“When my daddy goes past a red light again, I’ll call the eye doctor,” Robbie promised, “so he can fix his eyes.”

Sources: The Boston Globe, Inside Edition / Photo Credit: Inside Edition/YouTube

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