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Boxer Robbed By Scantily Clad Women (Video)

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A Mexican boxer was robbed of his $40,000 watch and a $3 million check by a group of half-naked women in a Las Vegas hotel room -- after the women posted video of the rendezvous online (video below).

One day after losing a fight against boxer Canelo Alvarez at Las Vegas' T-Mobile Arena, Mexican boxer Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. was with his wife at their hotel when they met a British man and a group of women. 

When Chavez Jr.'s wife, Frida, went to go check on their daughter after the couple drank booze with the group, her husband ended up in a luxury suite with several women. 

In the NSFW clip, the women can be seen surrounding Chavez Jr., who is lying on a bed, seemingly in a drunken state and nearly passed out. Several of the women pull their pants down to reveal their underwear and behinds in various parts of the clip.

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Frida spoke to Remezcla about the robbery that took place during the interaction with the women -- which resulted in the boxer's phone, a $3 million check and a $40,000 watch being stolen.

"I had the check [from the fight] on the table, and when I checked the next day, there was no check," she said. "The watch was also gone."

Though his wife said there was no justification for how her husband acted in the video, she said she believes he might have been drugged in an attempt to take advantage of him. 

The couple said they were considering legal action, and also planned to question the staff at the MGM Grand hotel about the stolen watch. The check was ultimately recovered after they returned home to Los Angeles. 

"Wonder what excuse he comes up with to his wife," one Daily Mail reader commented after the story went viral.

"Ummm... your husband is apparently a cheat," another added. 

Chavez Jr., the son of legendary boxing icon Julio Cesar Chavez, lost the Las Vegas match after trying to revitalize his career, which was reportedly derailed by issues with drugs and his weight. 

"If I would've attacked more I would've been countered by his punches. I couldn't throw as many punches as I wanted. My father kept telling me to throw more punches from the ringside," he said after losing the match.

WARNING: video contains images that are sexually suggestive and may not be appropriate for some viewers.

Sources: Daily Mail, Remezcla / Photo credit: Pixabay, Screenshot via Daily Mail 

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