Boston Woman Confronts Man Who Allegedly Secretly Filmed Her In Public (Video)

When a Boston woman spotted a man allegedly filming her and other women in the street, she decided to give him a taste of his own medicine and film while she confronted him.

Jase Dillan’s video has been viewed more than 2.5 million times and shared over 50,000 times since it was posted to Facebook on Oct. 29.

In the video, Dillan follows the man and then asks him, “You don’t like being filmed without your own permission?”

She asks to see the footage on his camera and demands that it be deleted.

The man responds, “Why do you think I would need your permission?”

Dillan is still trying to identify the alleged harasser, BuzzFeed reports. Boston police say they will not pursue the man because he did not break any laws.

According to a police spokesperson, however, Dillan reported the incident and the responding officer checked the area and put out a description of the man afterDillan explained that he appeared to be filming the crotches of girls and women.

On Nov. 2, police said they would no longer pursue the man, adding that although his actions made Dillan “uncomfortable,” he was not violating any laws -- unless his footage violated the “upskirt” law, which prohibits photos taken up women’s skirts.

Dillan argued the man’s behavior was street harassment, an issue that she says concerns both men and women.

“Let’s focus on not just this one guy, but the behavior, because he’s not the only creep out there,” she wrote on Facebook, according to BuzzFeed. “This digital age we live in is a battle zone. We have all experienced harassment in our lives, and it matters not whether you are a woman or a man. This issue is not only a feminist issue, but a humanist issue. We can all feel equally disgusted by this man’s behavior.”

Sources: BuzzFeedYouTube / Photo Credit: BuzzFeed


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