Boston Marathon Runner's Kiss With Stranger Goes Viral, Man's Wife Responds (Video)

It had the makings of the start of a great romance, but the woman who kissed a strange handsome man on a dare during the Boston Marathon hasn't found her prince: it turns out he is married.

Barbara Tatge, 55, made headlines when she accepted her daughter's dare while running in Boston and kissed a stranger who was standing on the sidelines. She then decided to find out the man's identity, and with the help of her daughter, posted a photo of Tatge in mid-kiss. The story was picked up by several national news outlets:

Tatge recently received a response about the man, but it was in the form of a letter -- from his wife -- who wrote a note to the Wellesley Townsman, reports The Blaze.

"We all thought this story was hilarious because it is just like my husband to do that," the man's wife wrote. She didn't reveal her identity or the identity of her husband, but provided proof of her identity with a photo of the outfit her husband wore that day. "It was one of many memorable stories from a great weekend in Boston."

Like Tatge, the man's wife was also running in the marathon for the first time, reports the Wellesley Townsman. 

She continued: "When this story aired on the news we were pretty surprised. For me, I'm not mad. Believe me, our friends have gotten a lot of mileage out of this story and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching them give my husband grief!"

Tatge made light of the letter and explained her actions that day: "I accepted my daughter's good-hearted dare of reversing the Wellesley tradition," she said, referring to a traditon whereby female Wellesley College students kiss runners as they pass. "And a good-natured man accepted my request for a photo. Moving forward I will revert to only kissing single men..."

Tatge added: "I've been surprised and overwhelmed with all the attention this simple story has gotten and would like it all to go away quietly, I really would. In all sincerity, I apologize if the media firestorm has caused him any discomfort." 

Sources: The Blaze, Wellesley Townsman

Photo Credit: YouTube.com


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