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'He Is A Total D***': Boston Driver Gets Sweet Revenge On Man Who Stole His Shoveled Parking Spot (Photo)

Boston, Massachusetts, has arguably been hit the hardest with snow this winter, and residents know that when someone shovels out and saves their parking spot on the street, that needs to be respected. One New Yorker, however, decided to ignore that rule and park in one guy’s spot, and as a result, he got a load of revenge that was definitely coming to him.

In an anonymous Craigslist post, a Boston resident explained that he used a bookshelf to save his spot when he went to work earlier this month. Boston’s mayor has already said that drivers are allowed to keep a spot they dug out for 48 hours if they spent at least 10 hours digging it out, but one New York driver either didn’t hear that or just didn’t care.

When the anonymous resident returned home from work at midnight, he was frustrated to see that the New Yorker moved the bookshelf and parked in his spot. Instead of freaking out, however, the Bostonian decided to enact revenge in a truly epic way.

“This guy didn’t wait 24 hours so I put all the snow back… I was nice enough to leave the passenger door accessible in case they needed to get in for an emergency… like they left an inhaler inside or something,” the man wrote in his Craigslist post along with a picture. “But I think he is a total dick and got what he deserved.”

The man, a 26-year-old Uber driver, told that he felt this was a nice way of teaching the New Yorker a lesson.

“I’ve lived in Boston for years and I’m from New England,” the man explained. “This was just not a cool move. I’m getting home at midnight and I had nowhere to park.

“I got emails from people who said I should pop the tires,” the Bostonian continued. “I didn’t think that was okay.”

The snow shoveling, however? That was a smart move.

Sources: BuzzFeed News, / Photo Sources: Wikimedia Commons, Flickr


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