Bloomingdale's Blasted For Controversial Holiday Ad

An advertisement from Bloomingdale's holiday catalog has caused a furor on social media where people are accusing the high-end department store of promoting rape.

According to Orlando's Real Radio 104.1, a picture of the ad was posted on Imgur on Nov. 10, and it states: "Spike Your Best Friend's Eggnog When They're Not Looking."

The ad shows a man looking at a woman who is looking in the other direction.

The ad was slammed on Twitter for reportedly promoting rape.

#Bloomingdales encourages you to date rape your friend for the holidays pic.twitter.com/o1Rz4JVMgO

— Natalie Bee (@ghostinmarble) November 11, 2015

Or don't and quit being a creep... #Bloomingdalespic.twitter.com/Liu8DKMMnP

— Kristen Alderson (@krisalderson) November 10, 2015

That Bloomingdales ad is horrific. How was that ever approved let alone thought of as a good idea?! Despicable.

— Kirby (@oc_11) November 10, 2015

"In reflection of recent feedback, the copy we used in our recent catalog was inappropriate and in poor taste. Bloomingdales' sincerely apologizes for this error in judgment," a Bloomingdale's rep told Tech Insider on Nov. 11.

In response, Jezebel blared the headline: "Bloomingdale's Apologizes for Maybe Encouraging You to Date Rape Your Friend."

Sources: Orlando's Real Radio 104.1, Tech Insider, Twitter (2) (3), Imgur, Jezebel / Photo Credit: Twitter Screenshot

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