Blogger's Account Of Her Neighbor's Loud Sex Goes Viral


Uproxx blogger Stacey Ritzen was at her Philadelphia home when she heard something hilarious: her neighbors having obnoxiously loud sex.

Although she tried to continue working on her computer, Ritzen said that the noises became so loud that they became a distraction. Instead of working, she took a break to live-tweet and record her neighbors.

Ritzen’s Twitter followers loved it.

“Oh god…it’s starting again,” Ritzen tweeted. “HOW MANY ORGASMS MUST ONE WOMAN HAVE????”

In one of her tweets, she attached an audio file of the event.

Ritzen admitted that it wasn’t the first time she’d heard her noisy neighbor do the dirty. In fact, Ritzen noted that it “happens literally all of the time.”

“FYI my video camera cut off halfway into that last one so it just sounds like someone is being murdered,” Ritzen said. “I assure you that’s not the case.”

Ritzen hilariously added that there was a school bus parked outside and that she was sure her neighbor was having sex with a bus driver.

Ritzen ended her line of tweets with the idea that she should move to another home.

Sources: Stacey Ritzen/TwitterUproxx / Photo Credit: Twitter 

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