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Missing Blind Labrador Found In Alaska

After being missing for two weeks in the Alaskan snow and freezing temperatures, a bling dog was miraculously reunited with her owner.

Reports say that Madera, an 11-year-old Labrador retriever, disappeared from her home on Feb. 6. At the time, temperatures were 40 degrees below zero, and her owner Ed Davis said he never expected to find her safe and sound upon returning home from working on the trans-Alaska oil pipeline on Feb. 19.

“My best hope was to walk those trails and look for a track that might be hers,” Davis admitted. “My best hope was to find a frozen dog.”

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While Davis was unable to find Madera himself, another man did. Last week, Constantine Khrulev was walking his own dog on a trail about a half mile from Davis’ home when Madera, who was nearby, heard a bell jingling on the other dog’s collar and began to whine. When Khrulev followed the whining to investigate, he discovered Madera underneath a tree around 100 yards off the trail. Davis later described the location as a place where his dog “was not going to be found accidentally.”

At the time of Madera’s rescue, Davis was offering a $100 reward, so when Khrulev reunited the dog and her owner, he decided to donate the reward to a local Animal Shelter, and because he was so inspired by what had happened, Davis ended up donating an additional $250 to the shelter.

Sources: Daily Mail, Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, CBC News / Photo Source: ABC News, Daily Mail


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