Blake Shelton Responds To Fan's 'Long Shot' Request (Photo)


Country singer Blake Shelton is being lauded for his generosity after he personally responded to a fan's open letter on Facebook and promised to fulfill the fan's wishes.

Jonathan Daniels had purchased tickets to see Blake Shelton with his girlfriend in New York on Oct. 8. They were forced to miss the concert, however, after Daniels had a severe accident on his motorcycle.

He detailed the accident and its aftermath in a "long shot" Facebook post Nov. 7, in which he addressed Shelton directly.

"A couple of months ago you had a concert in NY at the Barclays center on October 8th," Daniels wrote. "My girlfriend Lindsay and I were supposed to attend. I purchased these tickets for her 23rd birthday which was September 14th!! She is a huge fan of yours, she probably likes you more than me."

"On September 15th I was riding my motorcycle with a couple buddies when a young kid just happened to pull out in front of us," he continued. "Fortunately only one of us was injured. Unfortunately that one person was me. I bounced off of the car and was ejected into a telephone pole which stopped me from moving."

The injuries he sustained were life-threatening. They included two collapsed lungs, one punctured lung, brain bleeding and lacerations to his liver, kidney and spleen. He also fractured three ribs, eight vertebrae and both shoulder blades.

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He was in the hospital for 15 days and as a result, he and his girlfriend were unable to attend the concert. Now he's determined to make it up to her, and he asked for Shelton's help.

"It is now a couple months later and she still has to help me shower, eat, walk, drive me around to my doctor's appointments and I was just hoping maybe you would see this letter and help me give her the birthday present she deserves," he wrote. "All she wants is to see you in concert. It would just make her day and make her smile which is all I want to do!! Hopefully this letter makes it to Blake Shelton somehow."

Daniels' Facebook post was a hit, racking up over 148,000 likes and more than 420,000 shares.

Now, about one month after Daniels wrote the letter, Shelton has responded. In a video message, he expressed sympathy for Daniels' plight and promised to give him tickets to whichever concert he would like to attend.

"I'm very sorry about the accident and I hope you recover soon and you're feeling better," Shelton said, according to CBS News. "Obviously I'm totally ready to give you tickets to whatever show you can make it to, and don't rush, for God sakes, take your time getting well and getting ready."

Shelton also said he would like to meet both Daniels and his girlfriend.

"Happy holidays," he added. "We're pulling for you to get well."

Daniels was moved by the singer's kind gesture.

"I am beyond grateful to everyone who has helped us share this and get it to Blake!" he said. "He is an amazing man with a huge heart!"

Sources: Jonathan Daniels/Facebook, Lindsay Baker/FacebookCBS News / Photo credit: Joe Bielawa/Flickr, Jonathan Daniels/Facebook

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