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What What Happens When Black Men Go Caroling In White Neighborhood (Video)

YouTube prankster Tom Mabe recently filmed five black men going caroling in a white suburb in Louisville, Kentucky (video below). The video was posted online on Nov. 29, and it has since gone viral.

The men were not dressed like traditional carolers but donned dark caps, sunglasses, hoodies and chains, Metro News notes.

When the men knocked on one resident's door in The Estates of Saratoga Woods, the door quickly opened and closed.

After the men started singing "The Little Drummer Boy," a white woman opened the door and was genuinely touched by the caroling.

The men went caroling at another home where a man called his wife/girlfriend outside to watch the guys sing, "O Come All Ye Faithful."

The men jokingly thanked the smiling couple for not calling the police.

Commenters on YouTube wrote:

"I think it is great....just hate how the first woman was afraid to open the door because they were black."

"She was being prudent. It does not matter who the individuals are. You have no way of knowing what their intent is, unless you are a mind reader. Nor do you have x-ray vision to discover what weapon they may have secreted upon their person."

Sources: YouTubeMetro News, Estates Of Saratoga Woods / Photo Credit: Tom Mabe/YouTube Screenshot

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