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Black Bear Caught In Passenger Seat Of Truck Stealing Food (Photo)

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Gilbert Simpson was startled when he saw an American black bear sitting in the passenger seat of his work truck in July in Big Canoe, Georgia.

Simpson had watched the bear as it approached his truck and then as it climbed through the passenger window. Surprisingly, he got close enough to photograph the bear.

The bear, which was apparently looking for food, managed to finish off several grape sodas. The bear continued to enter and exit the cab as it delivered food to its cubs. Unfortunately, the food was meant to be lunch for the employees of Simpson's window cleaning business.

Simpson noted the truck was only slightly damaged.

Bears are often spotted during the summer, although this is one of the most dramatic interactions this year. Earlier this year, a bear at the Yellowstone National Park climbed on top of a family’s car. The family noted that the bear simply appeared curious and showed no signs of aggression. 

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Sources: Inquisitir, 11 Alive / Photo credit: Gilbert Simpson via Inquisitir


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