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This Bird Loves Its Paper Towel More Than Anything (Video)

Sometimes it is important to take a step back and enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

One reason that people love animals so much is that they remind us to do this. Whether it's a cat playing in a box or a dog chasing its tail, there's something just completely adorable about pets who always find ways to have fun.

But this viral video (below) of a pet bird playing with his favorite paper towel blows just about everything else out of the water.

The one-minute clip features Little Bird, a 2-year-old black-headed caique, running around with a paper towel in his beak and having the time of his life, according to Shareably.

First, he hops around on the floor, dragging the scrap with him. Then, he rolls around with it, grabbing the towel in his beak, pulling it over himself and kicking it with his feet. He hops on it, carries it around with him and rolls on top of it, thoroughly enjoying what he undoubtedly thinks is the best toy ever, because one person's trash is another bird's treasure.

Little Bird, who, according to the video description "loves to whistle, hop and play," has gone viral, with more than 3,000,000 viewing the fun video as of the afternoon of May 2.

It's actually pretty common for the more intelligent species of birds to engage in playing from time to time -- they might taunt or play fight, manipulate their surroundings by picking up or dropping objects, chase other birds or objects, explore their area to try new things or even mimic behaviors of other birds or humans, notes The Spruce.

Caiques, which come from Brazil, are known for being playful and goofy, and people frequently refer to them as the clowns of the bird world, notes the Lafeber Company. Caiques are very popular birds to own as pets, largely because of how fun and hilarious they can be; however, caiques also have a tendency to be noisy, stubborn and proud, and they might even peck you from time to time if they get mad at you, so it's definitely important to be prepared for their huge personalities.

Any bird can be a handful to own, so it's important to be prepared to care for them before you pick one up at the pet store.

"Please keep in mind that before getting any pet you must do your research," reads the YouTube video description. "Parrots are a huge responsibility and are highly social, intelligent and emotionally complex animals!"

Sources: Shareably, Lafeber Company, The Spruce / Photo credit: Birdymom/Wikimedia Commons

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