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Bill Maher Molests Bob Saget In Franken Grope Parody (Photos)

Bill Maher Molests Bob Saget In Franken Grope Parody (Photos) Promo Image

Comedians Bill Maher and Bob Saget are making news with a photo making fun of the photo that ended former Minnesota Sen. Al Franken's political career.

The original photo, which surfaced in November 2017, shows Franken grabbing former Playboy model Leeann Tweeden's breasts while on a military aircraft in 2006, while the two were returning from performing a USO tour in Afghanistan.

On Jan. 4, Maher tweeted a parody of the photo while aboard a private jet with Saget, reports the Daily Mail. 

President Donald Trump, himself the target of numerous sexual harassment allegations, was quick to denounce Franken when Tweeden went public with the original picture.

In a tweet, the president declared the photo as "really bad," while referring to Franken as "Al Frankenstien," misspelling the famous monster's name, as the Daily Mail observed.

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The fallout from the photo ultimately led to Franken's resignation on Jan. 2.

In the parody photo, Maher is seen grabbing Saget's chest as he pretends to doze, just as Franken groped Tweeden in the original snap.

The caption reads: "These New Years Hawaii trips are getting weird -- Saget, forgive me!"

Many people thought the Maher-Saget photo was funny, but others thought it was simply tasteless. 

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One person asked, "Are you mocking Sen. Franken and the victim? Not cool."

To which another user responded, "I think he's mocking the Democrats decision to force Franken out."

Yet another attempted a clever hashtag by writing: "#MeTooSoon, Bill. Even if the Franken pic is of horseplay it reminds many women - and others - about being mistreated and harassed."

The parody itself was analyzed by one critic, who wrote: "Jokes about sexual misconduct are: easy, not funny, offensive."

A woman who was offended by the photo told Maher to "get a new job."  

Someone who did not seem to have a definite opinion wrote that the picture was: "Maybe probably in bad taste."

"Use your platform and powers for good sir," another advised.

Franken's successor, former Minnesota Lt. Gov. Tina Smith, was sworn in on Jan. 4. 

"Tina Smith is a dedicated public servant who has worked tirelessly on behalf of Minnesotans," Franken tweeted. "I spoke with her last night, and I know she'll be an effective US senator who brings people together to get things done." 

In a tweet quoted by Franken, Smith said: "I'm looking forward to continuing to be a fierce advocate for Minnesotans, and carrying on the progressive legacy of this seat. I hope you'll follow along here, because I'm ready to get to work."

Sources: Daily Mail (2) / Featured Image: Angela George via Wikimedia Commons / Embedded Images: Bill Maher/Twitter and Leann Tweeden via Daily Mail

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