Bill Maher Smokes Marijuana On Live TV (Video)


On HBO's live broadcast of "Real Time with Bill Maher" on Feb. 12, the host pulled out a marijuana cigarette and smoked it (video below).

Maher closed the show by saying that cannabis legalization throughout the U.S. is not as close as pro-marijuana advocates think, but called for the legalization with the help of his prop, notes

I can't think of another example of a drug that's legal in one state, but not in another. It’s not a tenable situation. Because when I leave Colorado, Oregon, Washington or Alaska, my back pain doesn’t go away, or whatever it is I have.

I’m kidding, I use medical marijuana because my third eye has glaucoma. And you know, it's acting up right now. Maybe I should... maybe I should treat it. This is private property and I do have a card.

In conclusion, please remember that legalizing pot is a long way from a done deal. I know you're tired, I am too, of making the same old obvious pot arguments, like how pot is less dangerous than other, legal adult activities.

But somehow, you can drink drink alcohol. You can smoke cigarettes. You can do that thing where you cut off your oxygen with a belt and masturbate, which is not only dangerous, but take it from me, it’ll get you kicked out of Macy’s menwear like that.

Earlier in the show, Maher slammed GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump for making outrageous statements, notes

“We’ve gotten so used to Donald Trump and a candidate who just pulls insane s---- out of his a--," Maher stated.

Maher noted that Trump suggested the actual unemployment rate in the U.S. could be 42 percent, and added:

Do you have any idea what America would look like with 40 percent unemployment? In the Great Depression, 25 people were jumping out of windows and selling apples on the street.

And I have to say, I know you hate to hear this, republicans, but this is just in their gut. They want to feel, "This is what Obama did to America." I know they don't think they're racist, but there is no other explanation for delusion on this level.

Sources: (2) / Photo credit: HBO via YouTube

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