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27th Arrest For Florida Man Who Wears Bikinis (Photos)

Police arrested an infamous Florida street performer, who wears brightly colored bikinis and has a "Holla!" tattoo on his forehead, for the 27th time on Aug. 30.

Authorities handcuffed Charles Easter, 38, for exhibiting disorderly conduct while visiting a friend at a Fort Lauderdale hospital's emergency room, the Daily Mail reports.

"F--- off you c---," Easter reportedly yelled at a nurse as he walked away with police.

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"In a fit of rage, [he] maliciously threw coffee over the floor and wall," read the complaint affidavit uploaded by The Smoking Gun. "Easter's action disrupted the hospital and also peace and quiet of other patients and staff, hence he was subsequently taken into custody and charged accordingly."

In the past Easter has been arrested on a variety of charges, ranging from drinking in public to indecent exposure and trespassing.

Although Easter has an extensive criminal history, he is better known for his distinctive appearance while performing on Florida streets or in viral videos, Tampa Bay Times reports.

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Easter was inspired to cross dress after watching actor Robin Williams in the movie "Mrs. Doubtfire," he once explained. He has also been inspired by comedian Eddie Murphy.

“I’ve seen this guy everywhere from the Brandon Mall to South Beach,” said Tampa resident BJ Dihigo.

Now his unusual mugshot has caught national attention.

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Many recall how shocked they were when first watching the man perform.

“I was getting onto the on-ramp to the interstate and had to turn around at the next exit to see for myself,” says Pamela Humes. “He’s hilarious.”

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In addition to his "Holla" tattoo and closet of bikinis, his face is tattooed with tears.

"I used to be a cross-dresser, now I'm a rock star," he once said. "I like when people are laughing and having a good time."

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Easter explained he can make as much as $1,000 from party or nightclub appearances.

It's money he certainly will need because his wife, Jennifer, is pregnant. He says he has been working harder to save money for the baby.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Smoking Gun, Tampa Bay Times / Photo credit: Twitter via Daily Mail

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