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Police Search For Three Teens Accused Of Smoking Pot

A police search commenced on March 19 in Knightdale, North Carolina, to catch three teenage boys accused of smoking marijuana.

Officials said an officer witnessed the three suspects, two 16-year-olds and one 18-years-old, smoking the illegal plant, reports WNCN.

The alleged perpetrators fled into nearby woods, but the cops weren't going to allow them to get away so easily.

More police and even a police dog were called to the area as part of a manhunt to find the alleged evildoers.

Justice prevailed, as law enforcement apprehended the teens. It's unclear what authorities charged the unidentified teenagers with.

Knightdale Police Chief Lawrence R. Capps explains his law enforcement philosophy on the Town Of Knightdale website:

It’s no secret that law enforcement is a profession fraught with danger, uncertainty, and challenge. Most police departments face similar issues regardless of size or location, but each also deals with variables unique to their jurisdictions and service populations.

The success of any police department to effectively deal with these challenges rests in their ability to involve the community in crime prevention, public education, and overall awareness...

Another page on the city website describes how the police K9 units visit schools and have a canine desire to "take a bite of crime:"

Since beginning its K9 program nearly four years ago, our canine handlers and their partners have worked diligently to provide a number of valuable services to the Knightdale community.

K9 Echo, a veteran of the department, continues to serve the community under the direction of his new handler, Officer Thomas Cagle... K9 Knighla ... was recently retired from service, and was replaced by newcomer, Maverick. K9 Maverick and his handler, Officer Kevin Jorgenson are currently participating in a rigorous training course in an effort to get Maverick ready for duty.

The K9 team is frequently called upon to assist with article searches, suspect tracks and offender apprehension. Our canines and their handlers have logged thousands of hours of training and assisted at the scene of over 600 police events. These four-legged officers have also provided valuable assistance to neighboring agencies as well.

Occasionally our K9s are able to make appearances at local elementary schools and community events. When the team isn't hard at work training for the next big arrest, they enjoy displaying their skills and abilities at public demonstrations. The team's commitment to community policing is as strong as their desire to take a bite of crime!

Sources: WNCN, Town Of Knightdale (2) / Photo Credit: Colton West/WNCN

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