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Beyonce Slammed For Michael Brown Ferguson Tribute

Beyonce is catching some heat for posting a remembrance of Michael Brown, the unarmed African-American teen who was killed in August 2014 by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.

On Aug. 9, Beyonce posted what appears to be a high school graduation picture of Brown on Facebook with the caption: “Today we will honor you and continue to fight for society to respect the humanity of all people. You are forever in our hearts. #MikeBrown.”

The posting has more than 130,000 likes, but also many disparaging remarks from commenters:

"Rip this thug? ...thats what's wrong with just lost my respect."

"I thought he was a thug. Didn't he rob a store right before attempting to strike an officer?"

"This is what happens when you act all 'Thug' to everyone including the police. You get killed! White black yellow brown IDC! if youre going to be an idiot, you're going to end up just like him you guys are all too stupid and only have selective hearing on what really happened"

"Why do u show his graduation picture Beyonce. Why dont you show the video of him stealing cigarretes or atacking the officer ????"

"So sad that a thief and someone who disrespects authority gets more recognition than the men and women who risk their lives' everyday overseas."

"Let's remember Officer Darren Wilson who's career was taken from him when this idiot choose suicide by cop."

"Beyonce , I can't believe you are praising a thug sure says a lot about you!!"

"Why not a pic of him robbing the store? Making heroes out of villains are what idiots do best!"

"Why would you honor a guy like this??? Shame on you Beyonce!"

Activist Deray McKesson, of WeTheProtesters, posted Beyonce's tribute to Brown on Twitter, which also got some negative reactions:

"Why do you use this picture? Why don't you use the picture of Michael Brown beating the hell out of a clerk?"

"Agenda over facts. Brilliant."

"Let's honor the store clerk that got choked and looted too. Let's respect his humanity too."

"you’re kidding right? Do you know what’s going on in Ferguson right this minute?"

Sources: Beyonce/Facebook, Deray McKesson/Twitter / Photo credit: Via Facebook


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