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Beyonce Faces Backlash Over 'Disrespectful' Photo From The Golden Globes


Beyoncé has always been a fan favorite, and the internet is always quick to come to her defense whenever anything negative about her surfaces. However, a picture of Beyoncé at the Golden Globes has driven the internet crazy, with many calling her out for her action.

When Joker’s Joaquin Phoenix won Best Actor, the audience quickly rose to its feet to celebrate the win. However, the picture taken showed Phoenix on his feet, ready to go make his acceptance speech.

In the same shot was Beyoncé, seated. This ruffled a lot of feathers.


Phoenix’s portrayal of the joker was dark and twisted, but his performance was well received, with almost everyone calling it a masterpiece.

Phoenix is known to always speak his mind even to his Hollywood peers, and this has gotten him into trouble a couple of times. Many speculated that Beyoncé’s blatant show of disrespect may have stemmed from Phoenix’s interaction with her.

Whatever the reason, Twitter users quickly called it a huge sign of disrespect.


One user, Kilee Hall, wrote; “Beyonce remained seated while everyone else gave a standing ovation to a Joaquin Phoenix — a man who’s been through so much in his life and has never got the appreciation he deserves.”

Another tweeted; “Can anyone give me a proper excuse b4 I lose all respect for her?”

“Beyoncé is wrong for that Joaquin Phoenix DESERVES a standing ovation,” wrote another user.

“Beyoncé not standing for Joaquin Phoenix's acceptance speech is disrespectful,” one wrote.

One user observed; “Beyoncé really had the nerve to show up late to the Golden Globes and then not stand for Joaquin Phoenix.”


However, others came to Beyoncé’s defense, stating that she had every right to remain seated. They maintained that this applied whether she was trying to make a statement or not.

Others argued that there was no statement to be made.

One wrote; “Let's not create any mess here... she most likely didn’t stand because she would be in the way when he walked by. She smiled and clapped.”

“She was still smiling and clapping for him. This overly sensitive generation cracks me up,” another argued.

While others did disagree with her actions, they still respected her decision.

One wrote; “I'm sure she has her own reasons but I doubt arrogance was one of them.”

While many focus on Beyoncé’s controversial seated snub, many maintain that the real controversy was Phoenix’s acceptance speech.

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: CeBe News, Twitter/Sam Stryker

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