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The Best TV Weather Bloopers Of 2015 (Video)

The YouTube channel  NewsBeFunny recently uploaded a compilation video (below) of some of the best TV weather bloopers of 2015.

The video opens with a weather woman apparently waiting for her cue. That's followed by several weather anchors mispronouncing words in an embarrassing fashion. 

A weather man giving viewers some astronomy tips says, "If you have a telescope, Uranus is visible too. Umm, did I say that? Near the horizon. I'm going to stick with weather."

The video also has several clips of people crossing into the camera when they're not supposed to, including one woman walking onto a weather set and scaring the meteorologist.

One weather man works some annoying Taylor Swift song lyrics into his forecast, while others get a case of the giggles during their broadcasts. One weather host is constantly interrupted by an adorable dog.

In an intentional blooper, Tulsa, Oklahoma, KOKI-TV reporter Martina Del Bonta eavesdropped on a young man and woman at an airport, and live-tweeted their conversation on Dec. 27.

Bonta tweeted: "Flights delayed ... this guy behind me is spitting mad game to this girl. They just met and found out they both go to ORU. Awww."

Bonta added: "She just dropped she has a boyfriend. Can't remember where she met him though. Doors still open. He's still trying. #NoRegrets."

Bonta later wrote: "WAIT SHE'S SINGLE. This may work. They guy she was talking about was just a friend."

After her eavesdropping tweets went viral, Bonta reported on Dec. 28 that several companies are going to provide the couple with goodies on their first date including a free tickets to a basketball game, a dinner, dance lessons and a pizza.

WARNING: Contains some strong language.

Sources: NewsBeFunny via YouTube, KOKI, Twitter (2) (3) / Photo credit: YouTube Screenshot

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