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Best Man's Encounter With New Wife Goes Viral (Video)

A cheating wife was caught on camera by her husband’s best man, and now, the video has gone viral.

In the short clip, the man walks up to the woman in question while she’s talking to another guy. The man claims to be her husband’s best friend and says he was the best man at her wedding, and the wife immediately acknowledges that she has been caught.

“How you guys doin'?” the man behind the camera asks the two. “Nina, what’s going on here? Tell me what’s going on. Who’s this guy?”

The woman, whose name is apparently Nina, looks down and away from the camera as if to recognize that she’s been caught and says, “You know exactly what’s going on.”

“That’s not your husband, right? You don’t look like her husband to me,” the cameraman says.

“Nope,” says Nina.

The man Nina is caught with proceeds to grab his cell phone and shine the flashlight at the man behind the camera so that his face can’t be seen.

“That’s a good idea. I don’t blame you,” says the best friend. “I’m James, I was the best man. This is Nina, this is my best friend’s wife. So are you the bartender?”

“Not only, but yes,” admits the guy caught with Nina.

“Okay, that’s excellent. Well you guys have a good night,” says the guy with the camera before the video ends.

Since being posted on YouTube and Reddit, the video has gone viral. It’s not clear what the aftermath of this situation looks like, but one would imagine it’s not pretty.

Sources: Metro UL, Mirror UK,


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