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Best Man Collapses At The Altar And Knocks Out His Teeth Horrifying Surrounding Wedding Guests

Weddings are always eventful with moments that are said to last a lifetime. However, there was a moment in this wedding that guests will not forget in a hurry.

The maid of honor rendered a beautiful number that had everyone entertained. Then, guests were left in shock as the best man suddenly fell face down to the ground across from the maid of honor on the altar.

best man

Unfortunately, our best man lost a couple of teeth as a result of the fall. The whole scenario was caught on camera and as you would expect, the bride and groom were shocked when all of this happened. It happened during the couple’s outdoor celebrations in Snohomish, Washington.

We can only imagine what went down before the wedding. The fall caused a break in the celebrations as people rushed to the best man’s aid.

Just before the fall, you can see the maid of honor struggling to hold back tears as she sang a very emotional piece for the newly wedded couple.

A couple of people rushed to the best man’s aid as others rushed to find help. In the footage, one of the guests is heard yelling, “bring him some water.”

It was a terrifying moment for everyone who watched the man fall face first on the hard floor of the wedding altar. Fortunately for our best man, he only broke some of his teeth but did not suffer any concussions as a result of the fall.

Guests were relieved moments later when he was escorted away by two men. The man was seen pressing a napkin to his mouth as they walked away from the scene of the celebrations.

One can only imagine how the guests at the event felt. It was a short moment that a lot of people will never forget.

One question on the lips of everyone would be,

“What caused his fall?”

Well, that’s something that we’ll have to leave to our imagination.

Sources: The Sun / Photo Credit: The Sun

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