Best Kissing TV News Bloopers (Video)


On Feb. 11, YouTube channel NewsBeFunny uploaded a montage of kissing bloopers occurring during local television newscasts (video below).

The clips range from funny pranks to assaults, Uproxx notes. Kissing someone without their consent is a form of assault, so don't try this at home.

The 10-minute video begins with a female TV reporter being kissed by a hairy fellow who says, "Come here momma, get some sugar! I love you baby! I love you Jack! Yeah, yeah!"

A male reporter dodges a young man who tries to plant one on him in the middle of the street.

In the next clip, news anchor Mario Diaz is seen pushing away a woman in New York City as she tries to kiss him. The woman was singer Erykah Badu, according to The Huffington Post.

Badu was not the only celebrity to make an appearance. Members of One Direction and KISS made cameos in the video, among others.

A reporter in Nevada dodged a man who tried to kiss her on New Year's Eve and added, "Excuse me!"

A young man reporting from Freiburg, Germany, seemed to enjoy being ambushed by a girl, as did a reporter who got kissed by two women while reporting on the NBA draft.

A serious-minded reporter was annoyed when a young woman snuck up behind him and licked his neck.

Later in the video, a possible homeless person attempted to kiss a female reporter who escaped the unwanted smooch.

Sources: Uproxx, The Huffington Post / Photo credit: NewsBeFunny/YouTube

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