Bear With Jug Stuck On Head Is Rescued (Video)


A young black bear with a cheese ball jug-like container stuck on its head was rescued in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, on July 20 (video below).

The bear was spotted by locals running around with the jug stuck on its noggin for about a week, but wildlife officials were never able to find the beast, notes KCNC.

Jim Hawkins, who owns the Four Mile Creek Bed and Breakfast, devised a plan to help the bear.

"He was just a little bear with a big problem," Hawkins told the Post Independent. "He was a 2-year-old with a space helmet."

Hawkins decided to attempt to lasso the bear, who seemed weak.

After an unidentified passerby spotted the bear, Hawkins fetched his rope and waited for the bear in his backyard.

Hawkins threw a lasso around the bear, and recalled that "it was like a rodeo."

"[T]he bear figured out his problem was at the end of that rope," Hawkins added.

Hawkins recalls that he and the bear had "a couple of good rolls in the grass."

While the bear couldn't bite Hawkins, however it still could use its sharp claws. The bear eventually escaped up a tree with the rope still around it.

Hawkins tied the other end of the rope so the bear wouldn't be able to get away if it crawled down the tree.

The bear was still in the tree when wildlife officers arrived. They tranquilized the bear, removed the jug from its head, cut the rope and set the animal free.

Carbondale district wildlife officer John Groves said Colorado Parks and Wildlife "highly recommends" people do not get involved with animals (as Hawkins did), but added: "His heart was in the right place."

Hawkins suffered cuts to his arms resulting in the need for stitches, but the hardy bear wrestler said, "None of us wanted to see him die the bushes someplace."

Hawkins noted that some of his bed and breakfast guests got to watch him wrestle the bear, claiming, "They got their money out of it."

Sources: KCNC, Post Independent / Photo Credit: Erin Caldwell via KCNC via YouTube

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