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Bear Cubs Have A Pool Party In New Jersey (Video)

A family of bears lounged in a New Jersey family’s pool, and the nervous residents caught it all on video (below).

My Fox Philly reports that when Tim Basso and his family saw a mama bear and her five cubs having the time of their lives and taking a dip in the Bassos’ pop-up pool for nearly an hour, they had no choice but to watch helplessly from the safety of their house. Basso said that it was a very strange situation.

The video, uploaded on Tuesday, shows the bears invade the Rockaway Township, New Jersey, backyard and cool off, while Basso’s youngest daughter throws a tantrum.

The Basso daughters, a 3-year-old and a 5-year-old, were distraught to see the bears destroying their inflatable pool toys.

“There’s bears in the pool!” one of the young girls says, crying and shocked, in the video.

“It’s ok,” the mother tells her daughter, while their small dog barks. “They’re having fun.”

The five cubs and their mother climb around the yard and into the pool, splashing, playing, and investigating.

“One is eating my car!” the younger daughter says, while a young bear chews on her inflatable toy.

The cubs climb onto the residents’ slide and swing set.

“One is walking!” the little girl shouts, indignant.

“Look at the little one walking, that is so cute,” says the woman filming, who apparently enjoys watching the bears destroy all of their summer gear more than the rest of her family.

“Let the animals enjoy themselves,” she says.

The parents chalk the pool up to a total loss, while the bears dig their claws into the pool floor, and the mama bear chews on the hose and chlorine tablets.

At one point, the Bassos discuss turning off the water remotely, but it does not deter the bears.

They left after approximately an hour and reportedly did not volunteer to clean up the dirty water and ripped pool toys.

Sources: My Fox Philly, Youtube / Photo credit: Screenshot/Youtube


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