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Baseball Player Wears Trash Can Lid, Saves Him From Foul Ball (Video)

Johnny Monell, a baseball player for the minor league Las Vegas 51s, recently wore a trash can lid during a game, saving him from being hit by a foul ball (video below).

The 51s were playing the El Paso Chihuahuas when the bizarre incident happened, according to a Reddit user.

A foul ball first hit a trash can in the 51s' dugout, knocking the lid off. Monell picked up the lid and put it on his head. Moments later, another foul ball hit the trash can lid, which protected Monell's noggin.

The 51s are the minor league team of the New York Mets. Monell was called up to the Mets in May, noted, but it's not clear why he is back with the 51s.

Perhaps his fondness for trash can lids lends a clue.

Sources:, / Photo Credit: El Paso Chihuahuas Screenshot


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