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Professor Accused Of Bullying Barron Trump (Photo)

A number of Twitter users are saying that a former Northeastern University professor is bullying Barron Trump after she made a series of comments ridiculing the first son for a T-shirt he wore that she said made him look like a "jerk."

"Barron Trump is wearing a shirt that reads 'The Expert' and I just threw up in my mouth a little," Harvard-educated Jodi Beggs tweeted on June 12, after photos broke of the 11-year-old first son exiting a helicopter in Washington, D.C., the previous day, as he and his mother officially moved into the White House.

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The comment drew a lot of criticism.

"I'm about as left as you can go, but just lay off the kids that are not of age," one person replied to the tweet.

A number of people echoed similar sentiments that the young children of presidents are to be left alone.

"What part of he's a child do you bullying adults not understand," somebody else commented. "It's our jobs as adults to protect children from, verbal, mental, physical" attacks.

Another simply pointed out that "he's a kid."

"Right, so I wish people would tell him not to wear things that make him look like a jerk, since he likely doesn't get it," she responded.

Some people even commented on the matter under her other posts.

Below another status from Beggs that reads, "There's an entire segment of society that thinks 'you're ugly' and 'I hope you don't have kids' are the worst insults one could give a woman," somebody replied: "'You could be Jodi Beggs and taunt little children for attention on the internet.' That's worse. Who'd want to be a child bullier."

Beggs did not apologize or back down on her comments.

"Hey Twitter, maybe, just maybe, I'm judging the people that bought him this item and let him wear it in a very public appearance," she responded.

She went on to add that doesn't owe an apology to anyone except, potentially, to Barron, if he were to ask for one. If she met him, she said she'd "probably preemptively apologize" for her words. But anyone else demanding an apology, she said, is showing extreme "hypocrisy."

Some people stood by her.

"Good on you for not issuing the standard bullied apology," added one person. "So many trump  snowflakes...."

According to a tweet from KGW News, the T-shirt that drew so much criticism has sold out at J. Crew.

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