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Bar Rewards Patron For Not Driving Home, Leaving Car In Parking Lot Overnight

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A photo of a coupon, which was given to a responsible drinker by the bar he spent the night drinking in, went viral, becoming a brilliant example of how similar establishments can discourage drunk driving. 

"This bar rewarded me for leaving my car in their parking lot overnight," the caption on the photo read. The poster shared the coupon he received on Reddit.

"We want to thank you for not driving home tonight and being a good responsible drinker," the coupon from Mack's Tavern read. "So here is a coupon for you to use next time you come in. Again thank you very much we appreciate your business, please come back soon and have another good time!!!" Below the message was a tear-off portion of the coupon, good for $5 off the customer's tab for "being responsible."

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Response to the coupon on Reddit was positive, with many people saying that a similar approach could be used at other bars to discourage drunk driving and bring in more business simultaneously. "This is brilliant... Not only is it a good — probably effective — way to discourage drunk driving, but also a good way to encourage people to get plastered (and people buying more drinks=more profit)," Reddit user, YourFavoriteVegan, wrote.

Do you think more bars should reward customers for being safe, responsible drivers?

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