Bakery Denies Birthday Cake For Gay Couple (Video)


A same-sex couple in Toledo, Ohio, was denied a birthday cake by Take the Cake bakery via a July 4 text message (video below).

"After she saw my Facebook page, she found out that I was in a same-sex marriage and she could not do my cake," Candice Lowe told WTVG.

The cake owner sent a text message denying the cake order to Candice while she was on her honeymoon with wife Amanda, WNWO reports: "Candice, I'm sorry...I just realized [you're] in a same sex relationship and we do not do cakes for same sex weddings or parties...I'm so sorry. I wasn't aware of this exactly until I saw your page. Take care :)"

It is not illegal for a business to deny people service in Ohio per their sexual orientation.

"[Candice] did all of [this] effort to get a cake and gets a text message and has to tell me her surprise, it kind of ruined our day," Amanda told WTVG.

"It wasn't a wedding cake, it was just a birthday cake," Candice added. "A birthday cake has nothing to do with your sexual preference."

Candice uploaded a screenshot of the bakery's text message on her Facebook, which brought the couple support.

"A story like this makes me pretty angry inside because I know it could happen to me at any time, as well," Nick Komives, the executive director of Equality Toledo, told the news station.

"We don't necessarily hear about it happening in our own backyard and it does make me a little bit upset," Komives added. "We've been working really hard to show that Toledo is welcoming to LGBT people."

"They should learn that they can't just discriminate against someone's sexual preferences, especially over something as simple as a cake," Candice said.

The owner of the Take the Cake did not issue any comments to media, but the bakery's Facebook page has been pounded with negative reactions:

The owners personal Facebook reads 'I love people!' Sure, refusing a birthday cake for a gay person sure screams love for people. She is just another example of 'Christian hypocrisy.'

This is 2016. There are gay people, and there are people who support them. The amount of gay people, and people who are supporting the LGBT community, is growing, and becoming much larger than the people that don't support them. You're business will fail. Congrats! You'll realize that you lost your business because you're a petty homophobe.

Sources: WTVG, WNWO, Take the Cake: Bakery & Cake Design Shop/Facebook / Photo Credit: WTVG via YouTube

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