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Bag Of Air From Kanye West Concert Being Sold On eBay for $60K

While it’s not uncommon for people to bid on pretty outrageous things from celebrities for large amounts of money, arguably nothing has matched the obscene amount of money being thrown at a Ziploc bag of air from a concert on Kanye West’s 2013 Yeezus tour.

Reports say that one eBay seller has listed a Ziploc bag filled with air from a Kanye West concert on the bidding website, and so far, the bids have reached more than $60,000. While the seller hasn’t done anything to verify that the air is legitimately from a Kanye show, the world just doesn’t seem to care.

The seller reportedly first listed the starting bid at $5.00, but after more than 90 bids, it has now reached over $60,000.

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Others are now attempting to sell bags of air that are also allegedly from Kanye West shows, but none have reached the same level as the first one. Additionally, one eBay user is trying to sell a “bagged fart” from Kanye, but surprisingly, nobody seems to want that one as much, either.

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Sources: Daily Mail, The Telegraph, Consequence of Sound / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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