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Baby Store For Adults Sparks Outrage (Video)

Tykables, a baby store for adults, drew a protest on June 7 in the village of Mount Prospect, Illinois (video below).

Dozens of residents converged at the small town's village hall and called for local authorities to close down the store or move it, notes WBBM.

Local officials say they have no legal justification to ban Tykables, which includes a six-foot diaper tree, giant high chair, seven-foot crib, five-and-half-foot rocking horse and a playpen built for adults.

When the store opened in April, it released a video (below) giving viewers a virtual tour of the business.

The main part of the company is selling adult diapers to people with medical issues, who like to wear them and to "Adult Baby Diaper Lovers." Apparently, it's the third type that is grossing out some residents.

"It’s hard for us to swallow in this community," one resident stated at the village hall.

"Why isn't their license being pulled?," another added.

"He’s getting his party going there, and we’re supposed to sit back and watch," a third said.

But no one is watching because the windows of the store are blocked out, the door is locked and no one can enter without an appointment.

"It’s a business that many people find at best distasteful, but that is legal," an official said at the village hall.

However, village officials are checking to see if the owner, John-Michael Williams, misrepresented any information on his business application.

It's not clear exactly why the residents oppose the business, but they don't want it near schools or homes.

Only people 18 years and older are allowed in, according to Michaels.

"I think the biggest concerns come from people who don't understand our business and what we do," Michaels said, according to WGN.

"When you look at the codes and all the definitions, there's nothing pornographic about it," Mount Prospect mayor Arlene Juracek said. "There's nothing that would violate any sense of decency. What they're doing is 100 percent legal."

Tykables started as a web store in 2014, according to the Chicagoist, and still operates as one.

According to Williams, he told Mount Prospect officials before opening Tykables that "a large portion" of its customers use the products for a "sexual need or a sexual fetish."

"We are treating it as if it were something of a sexual nature," Williams added.

Customers are not allowed to play on the oversized baby props, but they can take pictures.

"Customers are required to keep their clothes on," Williams said.

Sources: WBBM, WGN, Chicagoist / Photo Credit: Tykables via SanVic/YouTube

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