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Baby Shark Falls From Sky Into Virginia Backyard (Video)

The far-fetched Sharknado movies might be a little more realistic than anybody expected.

When a baby shark fell from the sky on June 26 into a Virginia Beach, Virginia, backyard, Sue Bowser says she couldn’t believe it (video below). Bowser’s 5-year-old grandson spotted the dead 13-inch shark on a concrete path outside her home right next to her pond, WAVY reports. 

“The kids found it, and they came upstairs and they were all excited and said, ‘We found a shark in the backyard,'” she said, according to ABC 6.

She initially doubted the children’s account until she saw it with her own eyes.

Bowser thinks that an osprey had carried the shark away and dropped it.

“There’s a little mark on his side where the talons probably went in, and it’s a little bloody on the side where the talons had poked him,” she told WAVY.

Susan Barco, research coordinator and senior scientist at the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center Foundation, believes that the shark is a smooth dogfish, commonly called a sand shark, according to Hampton Roads.

In the week since she found it, Bowser has kept the shark, who her family has named “Sharky,” in her freezer, right next to her homemade applesauce.

“I would like to preserve the shark because a lot of people have asked about it and I think it’s just so unique,” Bowser said to WAVY.

She plans to keep Sharky, who is slippery when thawed and has tiny baby teeth, frozen for a while. She has some family coming to visit soon, and they can’t wait to see it. 

The family is not sure if they will give it a proper burial or throw it in the garbage when the time comes.

“This could be the shark house, but hopefully not too many more will be falling from the sky,” she said.

Coincidentally, Shark Week airs all this week on the Discovery Channel.

Sources: WAVY, Hampton Roads
Photo Credit: Screenshot/Youtube


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