Father Captures Amazing Moment During Childbirth (Video)


An unusual incident during childbirth left parents and doctors completely stunned (video below).

Alicia and Randy Atkins were prepared to bring their daughter, Nevaeh -- which is 'Heaven' spelled backward -- into the world, but they weren't prepared for what actually happened.

Dr. Sawyer performed a C-section on Alicia in 2013. While he delivered Nevaeh from the womb, something remarkable happened and he called Randy to come over and look, according to LittleThings.

"Hey, she's grabbing my finger," Dr. Sawyer shouted to the new father.

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Randy ran over with his camera and snapped photos of the incredible moment just in time.

"Truly amazing," Alicia wrote on Facebook when she shared the photo. "I am in awe of this photo. Something to remember forever."

The parents, the doctor, and the rest of the medical team were all blown away by the moment. The medical team members -- who deliver babies into the world every day -- said that it was a spiritual moment for them.

Sources: LittleThings, Behind the Truth/YouTube / Photo credit: Behind the Truth/YouTube

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