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Baby In Middle Of Brawl At IHOP (Video)

A wild brawl broke loose at an IHOP restaurant in Memphis on June 18 (video below).

A cellphone video of the fight shows fists being thrown along with chairs and high-chairs. A baby is heard crying in the background, notes WREG.

An IHOP manager told authorities that employee Janika Nellums and her older sister Shanika Strickland came to the restaurant to fight, WMC reports.

"You can try to avoid it or ignore 'em, but it's only going to go on for so long," the suspects' mother said, according to WREG. "They could have handled it better. I would never tell someone defending themselves is wrong."

The mother is upset that her grandson, who was not injured, was present during the battle.

"I think that was really ridiculous," IHOP customer Janet Smith told WMC.

"Somebody was holding a baby and still trying to fight," Smith added. "It's ridiculous."

"That's why I don't go out to eat because of stuff like that," Shayna Witherspoon said. "You be too scared."

Nellums and Strickland have been charged with assault and vandalism; the restaurant had about $1000 worth of damage.

Nellums was taken to a local hospital for medical care before she went to jail.

The comments on the YouTube page where the video was posted on June 19, were a combination of outrage and racism:

Never mind the crying baby. Long as you're the loudest fattest animal in the room right? Stereotypes exist for a reason.

I.H.O.P...International House of PRIMATES!!!!!

[L]ooks like the animals got out of the exhibit at the local zoo.

Someone please take that baby away from these savage beasts. The baby don't need to see the violence & that baby definitely don't need to be around all of the violence!!

Bobby Fat, that was the dumbest comment of the year. stereotypes are Bulls---. she doesn't represent the average black female just like you don't represent the average logic male. most ppl don't view situations from a prejudice point of view.


Sources: WREG, WMC, USNationalistNews/YouTube / Photo Credit: USNationalistNews/YouTube

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