Baby Koala Stays By His Mom During Surgery

A koala named Lizzy survived being hit by a car in Coominya, near Brisbane, Australia, but she suffered from a collapsed lung. She was taken to Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital for treatment, but her six-month-old baby, dubbed Phantom, couldn’t stand to be apart from her, even during surgery. 

Phantom was also hit in the accident, but he was unharmed

Phantom, who weighs less than a pound, climbed onto his mother’s back while fluid was surgically drained from her lung. Lizzy was anesthetized for the procedure, but she has since woken up and remains at the zoo.

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“Lizzy is in recovery and we’re happy to say she is going well,” said hospital vet nurse Jamie-Lynn Nevers.

“It’s so rewarding to see patients like Lizzy doing well.”

Sources: Courier Mail, Yahoo Image via Courier Mail


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