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Baby Elephant Collapses In South Africa, Rest Of Herd Comes To Help (Video)

A video featuring a group of elephants helping a baby elephant after it collapsed at a wildlife sanctuary in South Africa has gone viral.

The clip (below), filmed at South Africa’s Kruger National Park by a woman identified only as Juanita, shows the moment an elephant calf falls down in the middle of the road.

A herd of elephants came to the calf’s rescue, standing guard to protect him until he managed to get back on his feet, Liftbump notes.

The 2-minute video has racked up nearly 2 million views since it was first posted to YouTube by Kruger Sightings.

Scientist have argued that elephants have the ability to show empathy.

“We found that elephants adopted the emotional state of, touched and called out to those in distress, and did so in ways that seemed to mirror the consolatory behavior we see in other species,” Joshua Plotnik, a researcher from the University of Cambridge, said in an interview, according to TIME.

In the 2014 study of elephants in Thailand, “elephants often rumbled or chirped toward those in distress, and reached out to touch the distressed individual’s mouth and face. If a distressed elephant put their ears out and straightened their tail, the bystanders often did the same.”

Check out the video:

Sources: Liftbump, TIME / Photo Credit: Screenshots via Kruger Sightings/YouTube


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