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Baby Is Consistently Surprised By Running Water In The Sink (Video)

An adorable video (shown below) of a baby repeatedly being surprised by running water is going viral.

The clip shows a very young baby taking a bath in the sink. Water is running from the faucet and every time he leans forward, he dunks his head in the stream of water.

Every time, without fail, the baby is surprised by the water hitting his head. He flails his arms around a bit and opens his eyes wide, presumably wondering what it is that keeps running down his face. 

The video has somewhat surprisingly caused a mixed response from viewers. While some viewers commented on how cute the video was, others expressed concerns about what the baby's reaction actually meant.

"He/she is not surprised, but choking. Jerk!" one YouTube user wrote.

"He almost hit his head eight times," another user said. "The coronal suture is not even a suture in babies. All that area is soft and he could die."

Sources: Mashable, YouTube

Photo Credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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