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Australian Police Share Hilarious 'To-Do List' Found In Criminal's Home During Raid (Photos)

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Police in Australia tweeted a photo of a hilarious to-do list they discovered while searching a criminal’s home.

The task list, titled Things To Do Saturday, was found during a raid that took place at a home in Coolbellup, and subsequently shared by Murdoch police officers on their Twitter account. “Are ur [sic] Saturdays hectic like this!!!” the department tweeted along with the photo.

“Get up, get ready,” the list began. It then outlined the various tasks the criminal undertook throughout the day, including getting bus fare, going to the bus stop and catching the bus. Number five on the list calls for lunch, specifying “chips and gravy.”

The list continued with a stop at K-Mart and a bus ride back home, and then things got interesting.

“Go home & get a stick,” number nine on the list read. Finally, the grand finale to an eventful day – “Chop up & get stoned.”

Locals were amused by the list, and tweeted their reactions to the department.

“This shouldn't be funny,” Sarah Glenister said.

“At least they weren't fooling themselves by putting 11,” Pamela Hutchins added.

“Love how getting up even had to be on the list!” another user wrote.

Check out the hilarious list below.

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Sources: Daily Mail, WA Today

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